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 Vocational Education Competence Centre „Riga Technical College” Council Regulation

issued in accordance with the Cabinet of Ministers

Rules of Procedure No 147

“Riga Technical College Regulation”

Article 11


I.General Provisions

1. Riga Technical College Council (hereafter referred to as Council) is Riga Technical College (hereafter referred to as College) personnel collegial management institution and decision making institution which accomplishes tasks determined in Cabinet of Ministers Rules of Procedure No 147 issued on 27 February, 2007.

II. Council Members and Work Organization

2. The Council is elected and operates in accordance with RTC regulation and the present regulation.

Upon RTC proposal, RTC management delegates eligible personnel listed in RTC regulation clause 9.6 to operate in College Council. The members of the Council are approved by the Ministry of Education and Science effective for three years.
3. On the condition that an elected council member terminates employment (study) relations with RTC, either the subsequent person with the highest amount of votes is elected or new elections for a vacant council member position are summoned.
4.  On the condition that an authorized third party cooperation representative of an employer, professional body, vocational education and employment terminates his operation in the Council, this institution is requested to delegate another representative. The council informs the Ministry of Education and Science about it.

III. Assembly of the Council

5.Within its first assembly, the Council elects the chairperson, a deputy and a secretary with open or secret voting.  

6. The Council chairperson shall:
   6.1. plan and organize Council work;
   6.2. propose assembly agenda and organise expected issue consideration;

   6.3. summon and chair assemblies;

   6.4. invite other persons to participate in the assembly, if required.

7. In case of the chairperson’s absence, the responsibilities are performed by his deputy.

8.  The place, date, agenda and drafts of documents under consideration are announced by the chairperson or the council one week prior to the current assembly.

9. A special assembly is summoned upon request of the  chairperson, college principal or not less than one third of  the total number of members.

10. Proposals for consideration are submitted by the chairperson, college principal, the Ministry of Education and Science as well as one third of the total number of members to the chairperson or his deputy.

11. Decision making is established in accordance with RTC regulation articles 13, 14, 15 and 44.

12. Technical operation and record-keeping of the Council is ensured by RTC secretarial unit.

IV. Council Decisions and Their Legitimacy

Council decisions shall enter into force with college principal’s order.

14. Assembly minutes are taken by the secretary. The signed council assembly minutes, with the indicated decisions made are sent to all council members, the Ministry of Education and Science as well as persons who were invited (or request it ) within five days further to the assembly.

15. RTC secretarial unit keeps assembly minutes in accordance with normative acts.

16. College principal provides the academic personnel, general management personnel  and students with the oportunity to get acquinted with the issues cconsidered and decisions made.