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Nakotnes prakse

Wooden Goods Production

 Furniture Carpenter

Educational program

Wooden Goods Production

Program code

33 543 04 1


Until 30.05.2024,  AP 5394

Location of studies

3 Ledmanes Street


Automotive Transport and Production Technologies

Head of department

Anda Kazusa

Head of department contact information

3 Ledmanes Street, Room 210
Phone: +371 67185326

Acquired qualification

Furniture carpenter

Education prerequisites

Basic education, 9 classes

Language of instruction


Program implementation form

Full-time day department

Duration of studies

4 years

The document to certify the acquired education

Diploma of the secondary vocational education

Job description

Furniture carpenters produce, assemble and install various kinds and constructions of furniture, including hardwood, wood board, frame and upholstered furniture as well as perform furniture repair and renovation. They independently plan and perform task execution. Depending on the corporate structure, they may deal with customer service, i.e. accept an order, consult, prepare a draft and estimate and submit the order to the client. They mostly work at wood processing and carpentry workshops as well as at furniture production facilities.

Specific skills in the profession

- To understand wooden goods and furniture construction technical drafts;
- To make an item technical draft (special technical drawing)
- To produce  various construction square timber, hardwood and wood board furniture and the decoration elements of this furniture;
- To produce upholstered and lined furniture elements;
- To perform furniture and other wooden goods repair and renovation;
- To select goods installation techniques and install them, including on-site;
- To perform gluing and veneering activities, applying various glues and gluing tools;
- To prepare raw materials as well as use them efficiently;
- To process timber with hand tools and electrically powered instruments;
- To prepare equipment, tools and devices to operate concerning safety regulations;
- To perform timber machine processing;
- To produce various construction devices and templates;
- To perform goods chemical protection manually with brushes, rolls and sprays;
- To paint, etch and process surface using various materials and methods;
- To insert hinges, switches and other fitting elements;
- To fill in any necessary work documentation;
- To arrange the work place and perform activities in accordance with occupational health and safety regulations, electrical and fire safety requirements;
- To make production estimates.

Further education in the specialty

RTC, Latvian Academy of Agriculture, RTU

Special requirements in the specialty