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Nakotnes prakse


 Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Operator

Educational program


Program code

33 521 01 1


Until 30.05.2024,  AP 5479

Location of studies

3 Ledmanes Street


Automotive Transport and Production Technologies

Head of department

Anda Kazusa

Head of department contact information

3 Ledmanes Street, Room 210
Phone: +371 67185326

Acquired qualification

CNC operator

Education prerequisites

Basic education, 9 classes

Language of instruction


Program implementation form

Full-time day department

Duration of studies

4 years

The document to certify the acquired education

Diploma of the secondary vocational education

Job description

CNC operators work in metalwork and machine building enterprises, companies and entrepreneurial entities as well as in sales and other similar companies, accomplishing parts production with various level of difficulty on CNC machines, considering parts technical requirements, planning and organizing task execution independently, creating processing algorithms and numerical control programs, preparing a machine for work, inputting, monitoring and correcting a program, ensuring components and tools adjustment while operating, coordinating and managing operator’s work execution.

Specific skills in the profession

- To work with universal work stations
- To select the right work mode and tool,  be able to sharpen and program it;
- To process different kinds of surfaces, to cut internal, external, single and multiplex threads, drill, clench, expand, using the appropriate cutting tools;
- To work with PC, using MICROSOFT WORD, EXCEL, AUTOCAD, INCAD, MASTERCAM applications;
- To use technical facilities of CNC machines (operations integration);
- Create and input VP;
- To operate CNC in manual and automatic modes;
- To set the machine for parts production;
- To correct and improve VP
- To choose optimal processing types and modes;
- To conduct CNC machines technical maintenance

Further education in the specialty


Special requirements in the specialty

Previous knowledge in computer studies is preferable.